Dec 29, 2008

Humors and Funny Stories Again

Another fresh jokes for you.....

Doctor and Patient

Mrs. Smith is sad, because her only son, John, who only has been a year practice as a doctor is falling in love with one of his patient and want to marry her.
"Why are you sad? Isn't it usual when a doctor is marrying his patient?" says her friend.
"How can it be usual" says Mrs. Smith. "My son is a vet."

I Like The Way You Think

Danny sit with his mind wandering when his Math teacher explaining the equation. The teacher looks little bit angry and ask a question to him.
Danny: Yes, sir?
Teacher: Danny, if there are 3 ducks sit on a fence and you shoot 1 of them with a gun then how many ducks left?
Danny: With a gun sir? Then the answer is obviously no ducks left. Because of the sound of the gunfire the other ducks will fly away.
Teacher: Wrong, the answer is still two ducks left. But I like the way you thinking.
Danny: Okay sir, now my turn to ask a question. If there are 3 women out from ice cream store, one of them bites her ice cream cone, the other licks it, and the last one sucks it, which one of them is married?
Teacher: course the one that sucks her ice cream.
Danny: Wrong sir, the correct answer is the one who is wearing a wedding ring. But I like the way you thing though...

Smart Wife

Golda is wearing a new and very beautiful fur coat.
"You are a very lucky woman. Only a good husband is willing to buy an expensive coat for his wife." says her friend.
"Lucky?" Golda replies. "He was forced to bought me this because I caught him kissed our servant."
"What a shame. Then you have already fired your servant, right?"
"No" says Golda. "I still need a new pair of shoes."

Fun or Not:


emo love said...

Nice post. keep it up.

Bingo said...

Ha ha ha! The 1st one is my favorite. What a nasty guy!

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