Jun 17, 2009

100 Person

Test Your Knowledge! I found this picture when surfing the web, and the author said that in this drawing there are 100 famous persons. If you can find at least 25 of them you can consider yourself a genius and full of knowledge. Give it a try!

Click the picture to enlarge

Check the comment box if you want to know who I already found. So far I spotted 34 names (not so sure that all names are right though...). Write in a comment if you can add to my answer, okay?

Enjoy this kind of quiz? Check my previous post about How Thorough are You?

Fun or Not:


Smiley said...

Starting from top left corner to bottom:
1.Moses, 2.Bill Gates (with the glasses, but i'm not sure), 3.Pele, 4.Guan Yu (with the spear), 4.Hitler, 5&6.Beethoven and Saddam Hussein next to him,

Front row:
7.Charlie Chaplin (bottom left), 8.Mike Tyson (the boxer), 9.Einstein, 10.I don't know abut the shepperd, it is Noah?, 11.Next to him is Dalai Lama, 12.and upright from him is Kareem Abdul Jabbar (the sitting tall guy).

Back row:
13. Bruce Lee (white shirt), 14.Bill Clinton (holding something), 15.Napoleon Bonaparte on white horse, 16. next to him is Che Guevarra, 17.Fidel Castro, 18.Marlon Brando The Godfather, 19.under him is Marliyn Monroe, 20.Yasser Arafat, 21.Pavarotti (big guy with beard opening his arm), 22.Prince Charles is next to him, 23.above him is Li Xang (the sprinter), 24.the guy with red robe on the top right corner maybe Julius Caesar.

Center (red) table:
25.Queen Elizabeth, 26&27.Stalin with Elvis Presley behind him, 28.Mao, 29.Abe Lincoln

Not sure about these:
30&31.on the top right George Bush with scope and Osama behind him, 32.Mandela with the flute?, 33.the brute Emperor Chin, 34.next to the camel Churchill with a cup of tea.

Bingo said...

You are a genius, I just found 10. Nice picture, I will show it to my friends.

baby name meaning said...

wow , this is very difficult .

rock punk said...

Vladimir Putin is also sitting in the front row

Timma said...

I found 100!...they all are famous!((:

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