Jan 31, 2010

10 Reasons to Smile

This blog is called "Just Have Fun and Enjoy Your Life", and the sign of someone who enjoyed his/her life is by the smile. Smiling is look like a simple thing, but do you know if that action has a great effects?

Smile also benefits both for the giver and the taker, even to someone else who accidentally saw your smile. So now let's see these 10 reasons why we must smile often:

1. Smile gives you a better look
Not even the most beautiful/handsome people in the world will look interesting if they weren't smiling. No matter how you thinking about yourself, when you're smiling others will think better of you.

2. It changes your mood
Try to smile when you're feeling down or gloomy. It might be difficult, but if you can produce a nice firm and loose smile, you'll feel lighter.

3. It affects other people to smile back
Smiling is like influenza, it contagious. When you're smiling to a person, big chance he/she will smiles back to you. Prove it!

4. It reduces your stress
All troubles and pressures, either it from work or daily life, also always come with a way out or solution. Smile is the first step to find that way.

5. Smile increases your body immune system
This one is a medical fact and has been proven. Your immune system is directly related with your body state. Smile makes you relax, thus improves your immune.

6. It also reduces your blood pressure
Same with before. You even can prove it by checking your blood pressure at home. See how smiling can reduce your blood pressure.

7. It seduces your brain to release endorphin and serotonin hormones
These both hormones are a natural painkiller, this make smile as a natural medicine.

8. Stretch your face skin, thus make you looks younger
Smile is also work of a muscle. When you're smiling you also give a workout to your face muscle, make your skin more elastic and gives a younger appearance.

9. It makes you have a better confidence
Try to smiling when you're on a meeting, presentation, or in your first date. It will makes you looks like a successful and confident person.

10. It makes you stay positive
Smile right now. Then, think about your bad past experiences. See how the smile gone? That's because when you're smiling it send a signal to your body that everything is all right.

So, keep smiling people.

Fun or Not:


MinnieRunner said...

Well, it is the best medicine :)

Bingo said...

It's totally true. Remember that "smile is the second best thing that you can do with your lips". :)

My Postcard Printing said...

True indeed. Though you forget one thing, A smile gives you a chance to meet new friends. A smile can captivate anyone and you might not know that you're making someone's day complete. :)

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