Jan 16, 2010

Funny License Plates

There is a kind of funny and weird license plate that become a trend lately. Check this license plate picture below for example. Nothing weird or unusual about it, right?

Now, try to flip it upside down, what do you see?

Of course you're not hoping by rotate your plate like that you're not gonna stopped by a police officer on the street. But that's just an example. Many people customized their private number plates legally, meaning it's allowed by the law.

So, why going private? Well, with all the tense of driving, speeding people, traffic jam, horn honking everywhere, there's a good thing to light up the street a bit. Let people see your customized plate number and make them happy and smile.

Nowadays, you almost can freely designed your plate number as you like it. You can write anything that cross in your mind as long as it's not abusive. This trend also has spread in many countries across Europe, nut just in United States. I personally think this kind of creativity is good, it can attracts people and make driving hours more cheerful.

Example of real license plate number

Well, if you don't actually own a car, you still can have this kind of plate numbers just for decoration. You can place it in your store, cafe, or just in your room. Of course you don't need a license if you're not gonna use it on the street.

Fun or Not:


greenlants said...

Haha, that license plate was funny. At first I just saw that top one and thought, "I don't get it". Then I scrolled down and saw the other one, funny! I used to have a personalized plate, but the state I live in (Virginia), it is $40 a year for one, so I don't get one every year. Also, I didn't know other countries other than the U.S. had personalized license plates, interesting to know! Great post :D

Movie Time said...

This post is hilarious. Too bad in Asian this kind of privete license number is still forbidden.

Bingo said...

I think it's funny. That kind of plates are not allowed in my country, it's a pity.

مضحكة said...

:-) really funny

Banking for Peace said...

Hehe love it! I want a dirty license plate! Gimme one!

Alufælge said...

Its a pleasure to see the great and funny number plates, thanks for making us laugh and making us happy, keep sharing the good things.

fio @ Action Figure Toy said...

you make me laugh so loud
it's so funny
well, maybe I should make license plate like the pics above

Generic Cialis said...

370H55V.. that has to be the most clever one I have seen ever... I wish I had a customized license plate, I am still using my dads car and he is not letting me do that. And I'd need some time to come up with something that good

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