Feb 20, 2010

Funny Way to Check Your Disorder

Which Mental Disorder Do You Have? Check It Out!

Below are six colored circles that can help you identify any hidden psychological disorders you might have. Try to see the numbers inside the every colored circle:

If you can't see the number in one of the 6 test circles above, you very likely might have this problem:
Circle no.1: Very aggressive and high temper person
Circle no.2: Possible low than average intellectual abilities
Circle no.3: Possible debauchery, you should get more physical exercises.

Circle no.4: Possible inclination to violence
Circle no.5: Absolutely have a homosexuality
Circle no.6: Possible schizophrenic tendency. Require more thoroughly inspection.

Okay, don't say that there is no number in circle number 5, because there is. If you can't see it, doesn't mean no one can't. You might really have a disorder, go to psychiatry and check yourself. This is not a joke (or is it? Well, I'm not sure :D).

Keep smiling and have fun, anyway!

Fun or Not:


Bingo said...

Yes! There is a number on the circle number 5, it's 18. I could see it ;)

CouponWebz | UPrinting Coupons said...

Haha that was a good one! err... This is a joke,right? haha! I saw something similar to that. They show you some circles and you need to determine the number. the last one however doesn't have a number, and asks you to look closely. Then all of a sudden a scary face appears with a very loud screaming sound effect! :o


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