Apr 10, 2010

Optimize Your Brain

It's been a while since I last updated my brain teaser category. Now, I want to write a little about brain training activity and where you can test your IQ.

Have you read Dan Brown's newest novel, The Lost Symbol? There are some interesting stuffs you might be noticed, including Albrecht Durer's painting, Melancolia (1514). In that painting, there are 4x4 square contains numbers where if you add all the numbers vertically, horizontally, even diagonally you'll get the same sum of 34.

You know what's better than that? It's the 8th Degree Magic Square that composed by one of the America's founding father, Benjamin Franklin. It works almost the same as Durer's square, with 8x8 size. Those magic squares are a harder game than Sudoku, I think.

Now you might think how come those men can be so genius? Well, brain is working like any other muscles in your body. To get it works sharper, faster, and better, you need to do a brain exercises, the same like you do fitness to train your muscles.

It's time to introduce you to brainmetrix.com, an educational website dedicated to brain training programs. It's fun and free! You can find a lot of brain activities there, such as memory test, chess game, math problems, IQ test, and other ways to boost your mind and stimulate you to think harder. Try it!

Fun or Not:


Printing Quotes | UPrinting Coupons said...

oh yeah I remember this one! My high school professor taught it to us before. If I remember correctly, there's a pattern or something that lets you know what position a specific number must be placed.

Bingo.com said...

Cool. I love that kind web sites. I want to know what is my IQ. I will take a look.

Dummy Jokes said...

This is not funny, too hard for my brain, LoL

Bouncy Castle Hire Leeds said...

Haha... A Sudoku a day keep Alzheimers away lol!

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