Sep 7, 2010

Cool and Fun Cars' Accessories

I never imagined before that cute cars like Mini Cooper and Volkswagen (VW) Golf can be modified into a cool rides. With the right addition of accessories, any cars can become more fun, and most importantly, more personalize and shows about your true identity.

I recently found a cool upgrade that can be applied to any automobiles, vertical doors. This accessory also known as scissors doors, beetle-wings doors, jack-knife doors, and mostly as Lamborghini doors or Lambo doors. This due to the fact that the first production car to feature the doors was a Lamborghini Countach.

The innovator of this design was Marcello Gandini, an Italian car designer who noted for designing numerous exotic as well as practical cars. He was having concern over the car's extremely poor rear visibility. That was why he designed the vertical doors, that in order to reverse the car, the driver would be able to lift the door and lean his upper body out of the hatch in order to see behind the car.

This Lambo doors or vertical doors have some advantages over conventional doors:
  • The possibility of operating the car with the door open.
  • Can be useful for parking in a tight space.
  • The hinge is placed in a similar location to a conventional door, so a convertible version of the car is possible.
Now, let's talk about the cool parts. When you grab the Lambo door handle is where the fun begins. Just pull the door to regular distance and then it will stop. Just lift up, and now watch as it elevates above and beyond! The door will reach a point where it will not go any higher. This allows you to effortlessly get in and out of your vehicle- talk about luxury! It is a dazzling appearance that is unforgettable for every pair of eyes who witness it!

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Fun or Not:


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I love the car in the first picture!

parole gta san andreas said...

What car is in the first picture ? I wanna buy one.

Basement waterproofing Connecticut said...

Extremely good looking cars!

lamborghini door hinge kits said...

Wow! cool cars... thanks for sharing this.

Universal 180 door hinge kit said...

It's not just cool and fun, they are actually awesome! Great post!

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