Jan 12, 2011

It is not a Humor Post!

Funny or not, you have to believe me that this is a humor blog, and you better know that we are not trying to make you laugh or smile even a little through the jokes which is contained in this site. What we're trying to do right now is just to make sure that the humor and jokes keyword will be on the first paragraph of this post.

Got You! Of course I am just kidding.

Since this is a humor blog what we always try to do is just make sure you will get the funny quotes and jokes whether it was labeled with a funny poem, funny adult comic, picture, funny video, etc.

Oh no I started it again and I can see the red horns getting grow on your smokey head, really sorry for that!

Perhaps your face looks like these women' by now.

or looks like these angry guys just because of our bad jokes,

so you started yelling at this blog,

want to stab its author just like a hamburger,

finally you can't stand to our humors and jokes anymore

But I am sure you will smile soon when you know that you are at the end of this article

even laugh.

Hope this humor and all jokes in this web is funny enough for you!

Fun or Not:


tampa commercial movers said...

Wow, talk about mixed reactions!!!

admin said...

umm ... I guess =)

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