Sep 18, 2011

Cartoon Characters - Celebrities Look A Like

Who do you defines as celebrity? Actor and actress, model, singer, athlete, and presenter must be on top of your list. Then how about cartoon characters? Why don't consider them as celebrities too, especially because a lot of them have a resemblance look with our favorite public figures.

See these below pictures of some celebrities and cartoon characters look-a-like. This is another proof, besides Celebrities without Makeups, that celebs are not all beautiful and glamor.

Rihanna - Woody Woodpecker

Mr. Slave - Freddy Mercury

Madonna - Skeletor

Dennis Franz - Carl

Cleveland - Jesse Jackson

Some girl - Butthead

Glen Quagmire - Bob Hope

Bill Murray - Papa Smurf

Anderson Varejao - Sideshow Bob

Lion O - Carrot Top

Feel free to add in the comment if you've got another idea of cartoon character - celebrity look a like.

Fun or Not:


Meditation said...

Wow Dennis Franz does look like carl. they can be brothers.

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