Nov 16, 2011

Basketball is a Tough Sport!

In America, a mother probably told her son to play basketball instead of American football or ice hockey. The last two sports are known for their brutality and full-body contact, while basketball is considered more friendly. Is it? Apparently not, especially in the NBA. When ten big brawny men standing in the same court to chase one small ball, "accidents" always occur. Take a look at the pictures of some NBA funny moments in this post!

Meanwhile, if you love NBA, there's a bad news. Due to the unresolved lockout between players and club owners regarding revenue sharing, the 2011-2012 NBA season is threatened to be cancelled.

Well, probably it's time to watch NCAA instead, while waiting the lockout ended. Visit if you want to get Arizona State Sun Devils mens basketball tickets, Arizona Wildcats mens basketball tickets, California Golden Bears mens basketball tickets and all other NCAA basketball seating and information.

"Your big body doesn't scare me!"

"This is a fade-away jump, you sucker"

"Come back here!"




"You dunk the ball, I dunk yours"


"Karate Kobe?"

"Please, don't hurt me!"

"Mama was right, I should took the dance class instead."

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Basket Ball Team said...

awesome photograph...That why they stop the game...NBA now stand for "No Basketball Anymore"

BasketBall Team said...

That's funny pic

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