Dec 23, 2008

Our First Jokes Post

This is the first time we post jokes in this blog. We hope that these humors and funny stories are funny enough for you:

Beautiful Girl and A Crosswords

A police interrogates a young and beautiful blonde girl who has become a suspect of a homicide on Saturday night. But the girl stay to shut her mouth when she was asked where was she on that night when the murder occurred.
"I can't say anything to you" says the girl.
"You have to tell us!" shouts the officer.
"Okay. I.. I was at home doing crossword at that night."
"You lie. Why didn't you tell us earlier if you only did that?"
"Isn't that something embarrassing! A beautiful girl like me spent a Saturday night doing a crossword all night long!"

Tease Me!

A girl complains to her mother, "When I was on the movie theater I have to moved from my sit 5 times."
"Why, were there a lot of pervert guys bothering you?"
"Yes" says the girl, "Eventually!".

Paying the Debt

A husband and wife are having a bath together when the doorbell in their house is ringing. The wife is wearing her bathrobe and goes down stair to open the door.
She find that is was Ben, her husband best friends. "My husband is taking a bath. You can come again later"says the wife. Ben choose to come in and whispering "I've got a hundred dollars in my pocket and will give it to you if you open your bathrobe."
The wife feel a little bit offended, but she desperately needs the money so she agreed. She open her bathrobe and wear it back almost instantly. Ben fulfill his promise and pays the money. When the wife open the door to let Ben go, Ben whispering again "I've still got a hundred dollars in my pocket. I will give it to you if you kiss me for couple of minutes." Now the wife is really shocked, but because she needs the money she does what Ben asked. After finished the wife take the money and tell Ben to go away.
After that the wife goes back to bathroom and join her husband with a guilty feeling. "Who was that honey?" the husband ask. "Oh, that's Ben" she reply.
"Ben" The husband says, "Today he's gonna return two hundred dollars that he owe me. Did he give it to you honey?"

Fun or Not:


emo love said...

very nice post

Bingo said...

Ha ha ha! The last one is the best. I wouldn't like to have a best friend like him.

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