Dec 25, 2008

Rock Steady

Meets Bill Dan, the master of balancing things. He's an artist with the ability to arrange series of things vertically with great balance. Basically the abilities that he capable of is very extraordinaire, but many people didn't believe that he didn't use some kind of glue or magical tricks. Dan resists all the accusations that declare that his work is a fake. He very much loves this art because it's characteristic is so unique and have so much beauty in it.

Most of his works is involving rocks; that's because he is a sculpture artist

Dan was born in Indonesia, and worked as a warehouseman before discovering the artistic possibilities of rock along the San Francisco Bay shoreline and his emergent skill in manipulating them. Dan has amazed the audiences in San Fransisco beach since 1994 with his action of arrange rocks with various sizes in vertical order. Though many of his works is involved with rocks, he also experiments with other things, such as shoe, bike, glass, or even a live things like bird. that a real bird?

If you are thinking that his works are a fake check out this pictures when he doing it in front of the live audiences.

For more of Bill Dan's artwork, visit his website :


Fun or Not:


baby name meaning said...

really inspiration

Bluegrass said...

cool collage of pretty non useful things, keep posting

emo love said...

cool pictures

Bingo said...

WOW! The bike picture is amazing!

Poker Mike said...

In Marquette MI where Im from people do this all the time on the shore line with the rocks. Really cool looking.

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