May 11, 2009

How to Say No to Sex


25 Ways to Say No to Sex for Women and 25 ways to get around them for Men (It's not guaranteed to work, so don't blame me if you fail..)

01."I just had my hair done"
Response: "Giving me a blow job won't mess your hair up at all"

02."I want to wait until I'm married"
Response: "Good one,married couples don't fuck"

03."Go to hell"
Response: "I will after I go to heaven,that is if you'll take me there"

04."I have to take a shower"
Response: "Awesome,you know how to have fun"

05."My mother would kill me"
Response: "Fine,I'll bang her too so she don't get jealous"

06."I have a boyfriend,he'll be mad"
Response:"Your boyfriend is cheating on you.I know it hurts to hear,but I can make it all better"

07."If you loved me you'd wait until I was ready"Response: "No,if you loved me you'd do anything for me"

08."We can have fun without having sex"
Response: "Yes,I could have fun without playing hockey,but that don't stop me from playing it"

09."This isn't the right place"
Response: "Ok,my house isn't far away"

10."I have things to do"
Response: "Yeah...I'm waiting"

No means NO!!

11."My car needs washed"
Response: "Oh good,I've never had sex in an automatic car wash before"

12."I have to take my clothes to the laundromat"
Response: "Well aren't you going to need something fun to do while they wash?"

13."I'm meeting my friends tonight for dinner.I have to go"
Response: "Hmm...are your friends attractive?"

14."I would much rather go out for dinner"
Response: "Ok,how about after that?"

15."Can't we do something else?"
Response: "Yes,but that's not the point"

16."I'm late for work"
Response: "Well since you're already in trouble you may as well have fun before you get yelled at"

17."I appriciate dinner,but that doesn't mean I'll have sex with you"
Response: "Waiter,seperate checks please"

18."I'm a nun"
Response: (Ok,why you'd hit on a nun evades me,but oh well.)

19."It's that time of the month"
Response: ...god damn it.

20."I'm old enough to be your grandmother"
Response: "But you're not my grandmother so it's all good"

21."Those people will be able to see us"
Response: "Oh,an audience"

22."All you men care about is sex"
Response: "That's right,all of my caring is spent towards you.Don't you love me?"

23."I don't want to get pregnant"
Response: "You can't get pregnant from a little anal"

24."I'm lesbien"
Response: "Turn off the lights,there will be no difference between me and the strap on"

Response: Ok,you might want to just punch her and rape for this one.

Not before married

Fun or Not:


BlackBerry said...

Laughing my heart out reading this...To be fair, why don't you also post "The 25 Way of Saying Yes to Sex"? That will be more interesting and definitely more easy to follow :) Smile for you! Visit me back...Thx

ellyrb said...

nice one! laughed so hard! hahaha

rock punk said...

cool post

Bingo said...

Ha ha ha good excuses and good answers. My favorite is the #19.

Funny Youtube Videos List said...

LOL this are really hilarious replies... i personally like number 22 and number is downright hilarious. number 22 is really workable in real life though haha

Generic Cialis said...

The car wash one was a very funny one, and some responses are just an invitation for a kick between the legs but it is funny anyway. I wouldn't try them myself but that's just me.

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