Sep 14, 2009

The Alternative Webmaster Glossary

Did you ever listen to your genius friends mention 404, bot, or CTR when they were speaking about internet? And you ever thinked what the hell did it mean? Well, you're not alone, a lot of people don't understand what those words mean too. That's why we need The Alternative Webmaster Glossary. Why it called alternative? Well, everybody know that PPC stands for Porn, Pills, Casino. But do you know that it has other meaning: Pay Per Click.

I found these hilarious glossary when I browsed the net for information about buying/sell website. Well, I'm a beginner too and need to learn some words before make a deal with some pro. Okay, these Alternative Glossary is very funny, but also informative. Learn and laugh guys, here are some other examples:

Alta Vista: The search engine (view history) that was once the best in the world but which suffered from a name that sounded very much like hasta la vista, baby. Spookily prescient.

Content Website: A site put together by someone so full of himself that he believes what he has to say is more important than the ads.

CTR: Cloned Textus Receptus. Also used to mean Click Through Ratio.

Dogpile: A carpet made out of man's best friend.

MCSE: Must Consult Someone Experienced. Mindless Consultant Suffocates Easily.

Microsoft: A medical condition that you can remedy with a little blue tablet.

SE: Search Engine. Or Search Engines. Yes, there are others. Yahoo, MSN, Teoma etc. have all, at various times, been accused of being search engines.

SERP/S: Search Engine Results Page/s, the page of results you get when you type a search term into a search engine. They're usually filled with SPAM but you can ignore the ads and use the main (organic) listings before you give up and get your Yellow Pages.

SPAM: Site Positioned Above Me. Well, not really. Strictly speaking SPAM is UCE. Yes, just that, unwanted email. But it's used to mean a variety of unwanted things. I've even got a SPAM teenager daughter. Usage: Spamming blogs and guestbooks with links to your spammy site may get your spammy ass into spammy SERPS.

And there are stilll much more terms you need to know. To continue laugh please visit the original website where I took this article form. Cheers!

Fun or Not:


baby name meaning said...

You have a great weblog , thank you for your posts.

HQ said...

Suddenly I've become smarter after read this...

Bingo said...

This is the funniest way to learn about these terms, I enjoyed a lot.

rock punk said...

hahahaah damn funny

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