Dec 10, 2009

Fun Wordpress Themes for Free

Most of the blogger in the world know about wordpress. Either they used it directly as a blogging application with free hosting, or used as a content management system (CMS) for paid domain and hosting. Whichever it is, they must be enjoyed the full advantage of wordpress; the freedom to rearranged and customize their blog without the need to edit HTML or PHP manually.

For maximize the appearances of blog, blogger tends to have an experiment with their site theme. That's why site that provides Free Wordpress Templates is very popular among webmaster. For this Smiley blog, I don't use wordpress platform, but if have to choose a wordpress theme surely I'll pick the fun template that match with my blog.

Pick a theme that match with your blog style

Either you are a professional blogger or a newbie, if you want to update your theme, I recommend to check the Free Wordpress Templates website. There you'll find a lot of templates from various category to choose. Just check the live demo, download the tempalate, install it, and voila! a brand new look for your site.

Fun or Not:


Bingo said...

This is inreresting. I will take a look, thanks!

Call center said...

!!!very important information, I will check it thanks

baby name meaning said...

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Generic Cialis said...

I've seen this before and there are some nice templates. But there are other that are very bad, really. Some I can't believe that someone would actually use it... but i have no choice but to accept the bad taste of some.

Rackmount LCD said...

This wordpress theme seems so nice!
I am looking for some more funny wordpress templates.

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