Mar 26, 2010

Looking For A Fun Woman's Gift?

I have posted many articles about how complex women are before, although it seems funny, it's not completely a joke. So, if you're thinking to buy a gift for your wife or girlfriend, you must choose carefully. Or if they asked for something simple like a towel wrap or a bath robe, you just can't make sure that they will satisfied with anything you bought.

That is all because woman's mind works different from man's. So, if you want to give a gift to a woman, just make sure you give them something personal.Why have to be personal? Because women don't like to accept something that they has already seen someone else having it. They don't like to wear a clothes that their friends already have, or ride the same car as their neighbor rode.

Now, what's a perfect example of a personalized gift? You can try buy her these personalized platter. Just choose the favorite color of your girl, and the personalization part available would be for the name or monogram in the middle of the plate/platter.

These beautiful plates come with a price around $24

You can have plates like those or other fun gift at website. They're offering unique and personalized gifts for women, kids, babies, and many more. They're just like an internet boutique, with 32 embroidery fonts and 39 thread colors for a very large selection of embroider-able items.

Examples of their items beside those platter are, personalized rubber stamps, mouse pads, tumblers, water bottles, or a children gift like a roller cart. There are also available some fun man's gift too, take traveler bag for an example. So, just visit their website anytime soon, and pick the right presents for your beloved one or even for your own pleasure. All come with a reasonable prices!

Fun or Not:

3 comments: said...

I'a a woman and I really like the idea. My favorite is the pink one.

Michelle | Large Format Posters said...

Wow, those are some cute plates. I wouldn't want a towel, but maybe a stylish one would be nice.

Lu Ann said...

Towel Wraps, especially 100% cotton and personalized, are great gifts for high school and college students.

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