Mar 27, 2010

A Fact About UFO

Only in last week there were reports about UFO being spotted in different parts of the world. The Mutual UFO Network said there was a UFO appearance in Sacramento, US. Fiona Hartigan, a housewife from Sydney, Australia took a picture of a black dot in the sky that she said was a UFO. Almost in the same time, some activists from Malaysia also being reported have seen a mysterious object in the sky.

Do you believe in the existence of UFO?


Have ever seen a picture about spaceship like this below?

Whether you believe it or not, maybe this chart below can be considered as a truth!

Note : The UFO Picture above was made by cropping and pasting this picture to the background

Hope you enjoy it, have fun!

Fun or Not:


Bingo games said...

I do believe but I've never seen something weird in the sky.

Online Poster Printing said...

LOL, the release of photoshop and the increase of UFO sightings are definitely correlated. Funny how there are a lot of jokers out there.

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