Jun 28, 2010

Cat Walks 2,000 Miles in 2 Years to Find His Master

Animals might be having bigger love and compassion than most of human does. Few months ago I posted article about Hachiko, a faithful dog that waiting for his beloved master for nine years. Now, it seems dog's archenemy, cat, wouldn't want to left behind in the matter of loyalty.

Ravila Hairova, 52, thought her grey cat, Karim, would find the change too upsetting when she decided to moved from Uzbekistan to Russia, so she arranged to let her neighbors take him in.

But incredibly two years later she found her bedraggled, starving pet waiting on her doorstep when she returned to her home in Liska, Russia.

She said: "I knew he had disappeared from my neighbors' home a few days after we left which was very sad but we never heard another word about him."

"Then I was walking along the road and I saw this cat which seemed to be waiting for me. When I go closer I saw it was Karim - thin, and in very poor condition but it was him."

Now nine-year-old Karim — who crossed three state borders and 3,218 Km to reach his owners — is like the cat who got the cream as he settles into his new home.

Ravila said: "He is very happy now and so are we. I've no idea how he found us but I'm very glad he did."

Ravila's husband Lev Kondratyev, 46, said: "We called to see how Karim was the day after we arrived and our neighbors told us that he had run off - we then called every day for weeks hoping for news and gradually we gave up hope.

"There are certain marks on his body including a scar on his tail when it was caught in the door that show us he is 100 per cent our Karim - and he obviously recognized us as well."

"He looks like he used up all of his nine lives to get to us"
There is no logical explanation by animal experts about Karim behavior. How he can sense the whereabouts of his master will remain a great mystery.

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Bingo games said...

WOW! This is amazing. I can't believe it. That cat really loves their owners.

Aloe Vera Sabila said...

I heard a lot of stories about dogs finding their owners who moved hundreds of miles away, but cats it is awesome

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