Jul 4, 2010

Softer Adult Comics but Still Funny

Reading comics always become fun activity to do, whether it's superhero comics, manga, comic strip, or even an adult comic. That's why this blog always post a new comics regularly for you to have fun and enjoy your life!!

Home Alone

Size Does Matter
Golf Practice

Unconditional Love


Fun or Not:


Bingo.com said...

Ha ha ha site does matter! Hilarious!

Health Tips said...

Thanks for the hilarious comics. Remember, smile can makes us fresh and healthy.

Candy Stephens said...

Those comic strips are really funny! Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Thanks for posting.

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Angel said...

I've always loved to read comics, even as a little girl. In fact I have tons of collections of them. Thanks for sharing these funny strips! I really had fun time.

Sheila said...

I really find it entertaining to read comic strips. I wish there were more posted here. They're really funny!

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