Aug 21, 2010

Celebrities Wardrobe Malfunction - Even Better!

I wonder how paparazzi always get the perfect moment to caught celebrities wardrobe malfunction. This makes me curious whether celebrities wardrobe malfunction are really their worst moment or they done that in purpose for getting many attentions.

Well, whichever it is, those fashion disasters are the moment that we always welcome. These are some of the best celebrity embarrassing moments:

1. Katherine Heigl

Never expected someone like Katherine Heigl will caught up with wardrobe malfunction. The star revealed a little bit too much of her anatomy at a glitzy awards show. Unfortunately for us, she has a quick hand and managed to cover her breast in time before revealing any beautiful part for us.

2. Fergie

Sometimes Fergie got carried away when she was on stage. This time the sexy singer forgot to done her zipper. Luckily, she's still wearing panties.

3. Anna Hathaway

My favorite celebrity wardrobe malfunction: see through dress! But I don't think Anna Hathaway dress was a malfunction, instead she did that on purpose to show people that she has a large and beautiful breast.

4. Alicia Keys

The actress is beautiful, the dress was perfect, then what's wrong? Well if Alicia Keys forgot to shave her chest, she shouldn't wearing an open cleavage dress like in the picture above.

5. Naomi Campbell

This not the first time that Naomi Campbell having a wardrobe malfunction. Once more she picked a perfect spot for nip slips, Cannes Film Festival!

6. Lady GaGa
If law prohibited someone to dressed badly, Lady GaGa would be arrested many times. But who said she can get away everytime with her fashion choice? Platform heels and really long leather chaps kicked her ass to the ground in Heathrow International Airport.

Fun or Not:

4 comments: said...

Alicia Keys forgot to shave her chest? I didn't know she is so hairy.

structural repair said...

Nice pictures with the nice article.
Anna is looking to good.

Wedding Songs said...

Dang some of these clothes looked like there deserved it. If you don't want to be seen like this don't have exposing clothes!

Sprmcandy said...

Anna is beautiful.

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