Aug 16, 2010

When Cartoon Characters Getting Old

One thing good about being a cartoon character is that you will never getting old. But that's not the case this time, when some comic drawers choose to make our favorites characters grew old.

If you ever imagine how superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Batman & Robin, or cartoon characters like Barbie and Tweety will look like in their later days, well maybe something like these:

Fun or Not:


Bingo games said...

Ha ha ha! Very funny! I love the picture of barbie!

Online Flash Games said...

Cartoon Characters son's will come in the Market.

satellite tv dish in louisiana said...

Oh great! It's very funny.
Brilliant work!

Love Songs said...

These are pretty funny. I forget about ol' Tweety bird. I wish I could draw this good so I could draw funny cartoon. =[

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