Aug 6, 2010

Eva Mendes S.EX. Tape

Warning! This is the first ever S.EX. tape released by sexy Latin actress, Eva Mendes, that everybody have been waiting! This is not a joke!

When Eva Mendes knew that "Eva Mendes s3x tape" is in high rank for search entry in Google, she planned to mock the internet user. The Hitch actress is starring in her own video spoof, with "s3x" as in "S.EX. - that Secures things Extremely well duct tape" which promises to take care of the "nastiest, dirtiest and most flexible problems you have".

In this hilarious tape that she produced exclusively for Will Ferrell's comedic website, Funny or Die, the 36-year-old actress mocks Paris Hilton's infamous tape with night vision clip.

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Fun or Not:


Zelda said...

To be honest this video felt like it was just one joke (the pun on 'sex tape') being dragged out over one and a half minutes. Then again, maybe my sense of humor has been ruined by characters like Borat.

Free bingo said...

Ha ha ha! Good S.EX tape. She could earn a lot of money selling it ha ha!

Celebrity photos said...

Very sexy in new video
I love you, Eva Mendes

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Very nice video. Eva can earn lot of money by using this way.

website designer lucknow said...

It is really hot and horror tape.

seo sydney said...

Very sexy girl.
now what can i do????/

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