Aug 11, 2010

Hilarious Poems Reloaded

Still remember our previous post about funny two lines poems, where the first line about love and the second line just makes everything upside down? Well, this is the second part of the infamous Hilarious Poems. Enjoy!

1. My love for you is like a rose
One that's dead and never grows

2. Those words I spoke were true and grand
But "I love U2"? I meant the BAND

3. Beauty is on the inside, but some may doubt,
If it's true, I'd prefer you inside out.

4. You are my sun, my moon, my star
I wish to see you... from afar

5. To tell you what you mean to me
Would get me bleeped on live TV

6. Of loving beauty you float with grace
If only you could hide your face

7. My love for you will never die
Unless I meet another guy

This one is my favorite hilarious poem:
8. If I were a dog and you were a flower
I'd lift my leg up and give you a shower

9. After you, my love, my only prize
Would be a bullet between my eyes

10. You turn me on like Britney Spears
With even less between the ears

Fun or Not:


Bingo games said...

Ha ha ha! They are so funny! "I love U2" by the way!! :P

Cloud Hosting said...

funny indeed. bookmarked and also loved the U2 one

commercial printing said...

Good, this is the Great part of the infamous Hilarious Poems. read and enjoy the movement..

ramona agustin said...

i like it :D , its so funny haaaaaaaaaaaa

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