Oct 30, 2010

According to iPhone, Brad Pitt is Ugly

How do you define if someone is beautiful or ugly? By feeling, is the common answer, but that's not the case anymore for iPhone user. Apple launched its new application for iPhone, called Ugly Meter.

This program let iPhone user to take a picture of someone's face, and then analyzes it in real time before giving a scoring point. The scale is 1-10, where higher means uglier.

When it tried to scored some celebrity pictures, the results were kinda shocking. Daily Mail reported, one of the sexiest women in the world, Cheryl Tweedy, got the score of 4, along with the comment of "Wow, you're ugly, is your doctor a vet?" from the application. While the actress that become male's fantasy because of her voluptuous breast, Christina Hendricks, got the perfect 10 score, and received the comment "You're so ugly, you could model for death threats".

Is the application is inaccurate? Maybe not, because it says exactly as we're thinking about Angelina Jolie's face, "You're so hot that you make the sun jealous". While her partner, Brad Pitt, got the core of 8, meaning that he's pretty ugly for a celeb.

Pics credited to: Daily Mail

Whatever it is, this Ugly Meter is for entertainment only. This application is available for the forth generation of iPod Touch and iPhone 4. It can be downloaded from Apple Store just for $0.99. Boy, how the men in Apple really know how to make money, eh?

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