Nov 1, 2010

Your Children's Job at The Future According to Their Talent

Do you know how important to know the talent of your child at early? And these jobs might be perfect for them according to their talents and what they love to do at the childhood.


Because he knows how to mix the beverages.


Because she knows how to attract attention, especially paparazzi.


Because he likes to taste anything that can be eat, include the foot of dog that might he cook for a delicious meal.


Because he knows how to show which part of the ads that really work for marketing.


Because he knows how to make a thing to be fall apart.


Falling doesn't matter, racing is just what he loves.

Sumo Athlete

As you it is seen on the picture, he doesn't afraid to battle even with the big one


Because she ask everything to dance with her.


He likes to investigate the things that related with bone.


Because he never feel nasty to animal even the dirty one.


Because he can give anatomy lesson even if it is to early for him.


Because he knows the things that's always interesting to be pictured and how to take it from good angle.


or a househusband for exactly, because he loves to clean the kitchen

Party Queen

Because she loves to be in a crowd of the party beside its beverages of course.

Beer Shop Owner

Because he knows how to offer a drink to the other.


Because what he love is nothing else but running.


Just see how high she lift her foot.


Because he knows which hot news that good to be exposed.


Whether the bottle is empty or not, you should worry about the environment of your home when your children can get that stuff at the public place. Just move away if you don't want your son be a gangster.


His make up will tell you what he want to be.

That's all for Your Children's Job at The Future According to Their Talent, hope it's funny enough for you to smile.

Fun or Not:


Free bingo said...

Ha ha ha! So funny. I'm sure my niece will be an excellent veterinarian.

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very naught baby with a quite smile.

Data Center Monitoring said...

Yes you are right. Children can’t give their best in a field they are not interested in. so the recommendation is everyone is built to perform in its field in interest. Thanks

Kat said...

Very funny pictures.

Houston Personal Trainer said...

All these pictures are very creative!

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