Jan 27, 2011

The Funny and Weird Movie Posters from Ghana

If you commonly saw there was nothing special with movie poster which was used to promote the film while it was played in the cinema, then you have to see the funny and weird movie posters from Ghana below. Instead of promoting the film, the movie posters and movie walpapers (and the movie poster fonts include) just would make us frowned, confused, smile and laugh when we knew the movie poster for what movie or film was that, cause it really really didn't promote and describe the movie or film at all. What did you expect from the movie poster which was draw by the hands of the amateur artist whom was paid just a little dollar?

You could see the original article here on Movie Posters and Wallpapers With African Style.

I agree with the blog above when it was written thereon that we should appreciate those hand drawn movie posters above, those pictures just shown the restrictiveness of the technology in most of countries in the Africa, especially in Ghana. That's all for the funny and weird Movie posters from Ghana.

Fun or Not:


just-euphoria said...

hoho.... very funny

catalog printing said...

Hey, the existing wired and funny movie posters of Ghana are really looking just interesting to see. The existing posters really shares the unique experience about it. It's really great for all time. Thanks for sharing some interesting and amusing movie posters in this post.

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