Feb 18, 2011

Wind is Not A Friend for Celebrities

It's not a big secret that Hollywood's celebs love attentions very much. They're willing to do everything just to get caught by a photographer. Sometimes they even dress insanely and expecting an embarrassing moments to happen on purpose. We remember a quote from Bai Ling, that every wardrobe malfunction is always carefully planned (for her, at least).

This time the case is a little bit different. Most of these celebs are dressed ordinarily on one occasion. But it seems that nature is not on their favor. Wind is lifting their skirts and giving us the moment of beautiful wardrobe malfunctions.

Katherine McPee

Toni Braxton

Mischa Barton

Miranda Kerr

Cameron Diaz

Katy Perry

Jessica Simpson

Emma Watson

Kate Walsh

Kimberly Stewart

Camila Alves

Blake Lively

Sarah Jessica Parker

Tara Palmer

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kelly Brook

Lindsay Lohan

Fun or Not:


Mobile Disco Crewe said...

oh dear at least some of them were wearing underwear :)

Anonymous said...

That is exactly why a woman must never wear beige underwear. Take example on Sarah Jessica Parker. Covering enough, yet sexy. That's it, girl.

gluten free girl in a pasta world said...

why are all these women not wearing underwear? ick!

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