Apr 12, 2011

First Date Conversation Topics and Tips

Maybe some of you are still asking question about why this blog keep posting some relationship articles such as this First Date Conversation Topics or previous post like 30 Ways to Please Your Girl. Well, it's because this is not merely a humor blog, but also about how to have fun and enjoying life, and having a good date and romance is one way to achieve it.

To have a perfect first date is kinda important for your next step to impress someone. If you ruin it, you might never get your second chance to fix it. So, it's better to come prepared, especially for a good conversation. These conversation topics and tips that we're about to give you are generally for men, but some of them also can be applied for women.

First Date Conversation Topics
  • How was your day?
    The best starter question. Besides shows that you've got manners and care about him/her, it also leads to other questions based on his/her answer.
  • Free time hobbies and activities
    This is useful to find something in common between you two. You can also judge someone's personality by their given answer.
  • Got any brothers sisters?
    Always a safe topic as long as you don't ask whether they're cute or not. Women love to talk about their brothers and sisters. While for parents, if you're not sure whether she comes from a happy family, you'd better leave it (unless if she's the one who started to tell you).
  • Job and career plans
    Praise her if she has a good career and happy to talk about it, and encourage her if she seems disappointed and hesitate to tell you about her job.
  • Something funny
    Woman love a man that can make her laugh, this is not a secret. Remember not to tell any shallow jokes, such as sexual related story.
  • Other general topics
    This including favorite things (books, movies, songs), friends, pets, travel, current events.
  • Don't know what to say? Tell her!
    If you got yourself in a situation where you've got nothing to talk about, and your date is noticing the same thing, then you need a desperate move. "Isn’t it awkward when you feel like you have nothing to say?" is a good line. You two can feel a bit relaxed and follow to a conversation about this.
Don't say anything stupid on your first date

First Date Conversation Tips
  • Focus on her
    People, especially women, love a good listener. Not just listening, but you need to give full attention. Don't let her catch you forgetting something she said 15 minutes ago.
  • Make eye contact
    Shows that you are a confident person, really attentive, and got nothing to hide.
  • Comments occasionally on what she says
    Don't let her think that she speaks with a statue. Say something like "Me too", "I couldn't agree more", or "That's too bad" on the right moments.
  • Aiming for depth
    Always follow up your questions. Don't ask based on the list that you've prepared before, but ask based on her answer to your last question.
  • Intimacy
    She needs to know that you asked those questions because you're really care about her answers, not just merely to dug up some information about her.
  • First date is not a big deal
    Never think that you're having a first date with love of your life. This is a great mental barrier that can block your mind and make you very tense.
  • Avoid the past
    No past lovers and ex conversation.

How do you like them? Now, leave your internet for a while and go find yourself a real date to apply those first date conversation topics and tips!

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how to get a girl said...

Instead you need to use a combination of actually demonstrating these facts and throwing in Sibs here and there. Okay so now that you’ve gotten used to going up and starting a conversation with women, we’ll go into some specific conversation techniques.

for dating japanese women click here said...

Maybe you've been hurt in another relationship and you want to talk about it. Perhaps you end up talking about movies and mention a sexy actress that you like. Either one is a recipe for disaster. Don't mention other women. Period! It's your first date and she's going to rightfully expect it to be all about her.

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