Apr 17, 2011

Check What's Inside Your Brain

To read what's inside someone's brain, psychiatrist usually ask them with questions and let them answer with the first thing that comes in their mind. So, let's try that method for this brain teaser session, shall we?

There are six incomplete words in the picture below. See how fast can you guess those words. Just say what words that cross in your mind without thinking it through!

Are you done? Let's scroll down and see if your words are the same with the ones in our mind!

Well, if your answers are the same as ours, then you've got no problem. But if you're thinking "something else" then you need help to brainwash your dirty mind! Cheers!

Fun or Not:


Greg said...

Actually I think Dr Phil needs help. He's the one that has that trash on his show all the time...

magedhablass said...


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