May 17, 2011

It's The Tech Era!

Desktop computer, notebook, smart phone, or tablet PC. If someone own one of those gadgets, and add it with wireless internet connection, he/she seems like doesn't need anything else, right? A person can looks busy in his/her own world without care about the surrounding. Unavoidable though, because it's the tech era that we're living in.

So, enjoy these funny tech cartoons below. They're a satire about the world when people only care about their gadget, which apparently will be happened in a very near future.

Fun or Not:


Greg said...

Love the one where the kid is coming out of the printer. Classic cyber sex!

HTC Desire Lover said...

Indeed, I find it ironic hos parents fight against giving their kids the very tools they know they will need to succeed in the digital age. They scoff at people who give their kids a cell phone at an early age while that kid is far better equipped to handle the REALITY of the world than theirs is.

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