Sep 11, 2011

Bart Simpson Blackboard

Who doesn't familiar with The Simpsons animated television series? It was first aired on 17 December 1989 on 20th Century Fox TV, and has broadcast 22 seasons with 486 episodes. Season 23 will start airing on September 25, 2011.

From the Simpsons family, we've already posted about Homer Simpson quotes and the sexy Marge Simpson. Now it's time to introduce their first child, Bart Simpson.

If you follow this animated sitcom, you must recognize from the opening title that Bart Simpson always get punished to write in the blackboard. The unique thing is, he always gets different punishment from various trouble that he made. Try to browse "Bart Simpson blackboard" on search engine, and you'll find a site that its content are only the pics of Bart's punishment writing, complete from season 1 to 22, with all 486 episodes!

We won't post all Bart Simpson blackboard writing here, just some of the funniest ones. Enjoy!

Fun or Not:


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