Feb 25, 2012

Asian Girls without Makeup

Many male worldwide admire Asian girls, and even having a dream of dating or marrying one. They especially love girls from Eastern Asian, such as China, Japan, and Korea, as women from those countries usually have a very white and smooth skin, which make them look like a doll.

Well, sometimes thing is not like what it seems, and looks can be deceiving. Take a look at some pictures of Asian girls with and without makeups below, and now you must think twice before meeting Asian women after interested with their photos at Facebook or dating sites!

So, you've seen how makeups and cosmetics (added with a little Photoshop too?) can change an "ordinary" girls to look like Asian models. Now, how about the real Asian celebrities? Do they really beautiful without their makeups? Check them out:

Elly Tran Ha, Vietnamese Model

Gong Li, Chinese International Actress

Katrina Halili, 2006 & 2007 Sexiest Woman of FHM Philippines

Baby Margaretha, Indonesian Model and Internet Queen

Lin Chi-Ling, Taiwanese Model and Actress

Miyabi, Japanese Adult Video Star

Zhang Ziyi, Chinese International Actress

Katrina Kaif, Most Searched Bollywood Girl on the Internet

So, how do you think about those Asian girls, celebs or not, without makeup? Do they really naturally beautiful? By the way, don't think of me as a racist here just because I've only noted Asian girls without makeup, as I've already posted Hollywood celebs without makeups a while ago.

Fun or Not:


Interesting Facts said...

I think a person is beautiful when she is without make up. that's her natural beauty. make up is artificial. and artificial is good for short time. women are naturally beautiful.

online brochure printing said...

It's amazing how makeup can transform a plain jane into a hot babe. For me, the basic makeup essentials are foundation, blush on, lip stain and eyeliner.

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

make ups can make girls beautiful..

Dave Pascht said...

Make ups is very helpful to girls !

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