Dec 15, 2009

Dream Comes True

Every good things in life are begin with big dreams. With dream comes will, strong will makes people act, persistent action is the source of success. Did you ever dream of living a fancy lifestyle? Beach view house, sport car, and your own gift shop that make you don't have to become someone else employee anymore?

Even if you dare to dream like that, you might wonder how to make your dream comes true? Well, now I'll show you one way to make your wish become real. Just signing in an essay contest! No, it's not a joke, I found this contest on the web and in this contest you must write an essay about your beach fantasy. What's more easier than write about yourself and your fantasy?

The Prizes?

Well, like I said before, the prizes are about almost every people dream. See the picture in the left? It's a Maserati Quattroporte, which worth more than $40,000.
It's one of the grand prizes, along with house and gift shop on Florida's gulf coast. While the second and third place winner will get $100,000 and $50,000.

This contest is limited to only 10,000 essays, so you might want to hurry to register. Remember, only an action that can make your fantasy comes to live. So, just write your fantasy, and who knows in next year you'll already living in your dream environment like Sandestin Golf Beach Resort.

Fun or Not:


Bingo said...

This is awesome. Thanks for letting us know! :)

Athlete said...

This one is worth to try!

baby name meaning said...

They are very nice and expensive.

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