May 20, 2010

Jokes About Weight Lost

I don't have any idea, how many Jokes and Humors I have posted in this blog and I think it doesn't matter though but it really feel glad when you can make someone smiling or laugh, help them to forget all of their problem, fatigue or else although just for a while.

That's why it always interesting to post and post whether it is Jokes and Humors, Funny and Hilarious Poems or Funny Comics, I will try to keep doing that as long as people love it, so let's check the stories out.

Weight Lost

A foreigner tourist who spent his holiday in Japan interested to a diet advertisement which said, "Lost your weight for instant without any pills and side effect at all"

Package 1 : Lost 6 lbs in 2 hours, cost $50

Package 2 : Lost 6 lbs in 1,5 hours, cost $100

Package 3 : Lost 6 lbs in 1 hour, cost $200

The tourist tried package 1, he asked to be naked and enter the 600 square meters room where a beautiful naked woman has waited in there. The woman put a little poster on his breast which said "Catch Me and do whatever you wanna do", so he ran to catch the woman and failed until the time is up but he lost 6 lbs weight.

So he tried package 2, just like package one he asked to be naked and enter the room, just more narrow, 400 square meters room, where the two more beautiful naked women have waited in there, put on the same poster, and he still failed to catch one of the women but he lost 6 lbs weight.

He thought it will be more interesting to try package 3 and might succeed to catch the woman, so he was naked and entered the 150 square meters room where two naked gays have waited in there put on the poster which said "Watchout! I will do whatever I wanna do if I catch you".

Do you want to try the service to lost your weight for instant? I think you should try the package 3, it is the most instant way to lost your weight in my opinion.

Fun or Not:


Bingo games said...

Ha ha ha! I agree, the package # 3 seems to be the most effective.

Kay | Postcards Online said...

LOL! Package 3 will make you run and scream at the same time! I am sure he will run at his fastest to save himself and lose weight. This is very funny thank you for sharing.

TV Series said...

Nice joke, very funny!

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