Sep 28, 2010

Breaking Up Through Poems

Having trouble find the right words for a breaking up line? Try to say it with poems! Try these funny two lines poems for a guarantee split up. I need to warn you though, use it at your own risk, just like the previous Hilarious Poems.

1. I would go to the ends of the earth,
To kick the tramp who gave you birth.

2. In the card game of life we are a pair
But I'd rather be playing solitaire.

3. I'll stay with you no matter what
But man, oh man, your sister's hot!

4. You've brought such joy into my life,
My friend, I'm sleeping with your wife.

5. A greater love we'll never find
the gym should fix your fat behind

6. Your lips and mine, one and the same.
But before we kiss, remind me your name.

7. My love is like the morning dew
I stay the night, then spit on you.

8.I long to see your lovely face
Down in the mud you big disgrace

9. Your face belongs up on a screen
Behind a mask, in Halloween

10. My darling, my love, you've stolen my heart,
My wallet and my car, you thieving tart!

Fun or Not:


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They are so hilarious but if any man tells me one of them I will kick his ass!

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