Oct 2, 2010

Homer Simpson Got Twitter

Do you know that Homer Simpson, the cartoon character from The Simpsons TV series, has his own Twitter account? And boy, he does love to update his status regularly with a little bit of sarcasm, typical of Homer Simpson.

Recently, Katy Perry video for Sesame Street being banned because not suitable for children. Meanwhile, Katy Perry is confirmed that she's gonna appear as guest star in Christmas episode of The Simpsons. Listen what Homer Simpson got to say to Elmo from his Twitter:

"Katy Perry's coming to Springfield in an upcoming episode. So, suck it, Elmo, you androgynous little freak!"

These are some other Homer Simpson's quotes:

"Twitter is suggesting I follow some chick named "Kim Kardashian." Really? Come on now Twitter, I thought you knew me better than this."

"Justin Bieber sucks. There, I said it."

"The iPad: Finally, a solution for my fat fingers. Now if only I had someone to shell out $500 (Mr. Burns, you listening?)"

"FOX is stealing MY ideas. They've created some FAKE Homer Simpson. And he's stealing all of my bits! FOX, could you be any more commercial?"

"PS: Please don't cancel my show, FOX."

"Marge says I need to do one of two things: Get on the treadmill more, or get on Twitter more. Psh, the choice is obvious."

Well, if you want to know more what's more inside Homer Simpson's head, you might want to become a follower of his Twitter account.

Fun or Not:


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Polka Dot Mugs said...

I'm a Simpsons fan, but didn't know about the Twitter feed - gotta check that out!

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